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Lets stop trying to fix problems and instead, HEAL.

We live in a benign Universe, one that wants to support us if we are in alignment with it. Unalignments will show as suffering and disease. We will always be on guard, defensive, and in bad relationships. We will need to battle against disease. Be in balance so the universe doesn't turn predatory on us such as illness or pandemics across the planet. Your body is YOUR Universe!

Western Medicine only wants to cut, burn out, and fix. Many issues can keep returning if we don't address the origin of disorder...our energetic field. We are more energy than matter. Problems begin in our luminous field and we can live preventatively to create an environment of wellbeing that doesn't invite in disease or issues. Energy medicine can result in profound healing; true healing that gives you peace of mind so the body can begin to do what it needs to do naturally. 

The language of Spirit is Energy!

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My clients are you just like you, their pets, or people and their pets.

Most often, when my clients ask me to help fix a physical or behavioral problem in the home with family members or animals, there is an imbalance and each being is playing off the other's energy. Sometimes they will act out to show you some unhealed work to be done, or they may mirror us to bring an unnoticed problem to the surface. I work with the whole family, or just you. Each situation is different. 

Want to learn how you can do this at home with your animals? I offer one on one Introduction to Animal Reiki via zoom and Level 1 and 2 in person classes in the Northeast Pennsylvania and surrounding states. 


Our Mission

The Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) is a non-profit organization that teaches and promotes the Let Animals Lead® method created by Kathleen Prasad of Animal Reiki Source, which uses meditation practices to bring peace and wellness to shelter animals. Our goal is to create a calm, healing environment within shelters and other animal care settings. We work closely with staff and volunteers of shelter/rescues, veterinarians, and service organizations to help create a positive healing space for all.

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Let's work together and help you to feel better and have the life you want!

My offerings are all unique to you. 

Unsure what you need? 

Let's chat.


Monthly Spiritual Discovery of the Contract you are living with your animal

Work with me on exploring your story with your pet, past or present. We dive into the why's... Why you found each other, why they chose you, why did they leave, why did they get sick, why do they behave a certain way. We learn what they are mirroring from you and how you can help them be well emotionally and physically and if they passed, you get opportunity to connect with them on the rainbow bridge.
You receive 3 weekly reiki sessions and a 3 card reading of your relationship together.
Each and every client who works with me discovers amazing and beautiful things and sees their pets in a whole new way, all while learning how they can offer the best support for each other.
This $222 offering runs 3 weeks with 1 nightly reiki session each week!


Distance Reiki Session for your pet

Animals respond extremely well to distance reiki. In the comfort of their own home where they feel safest, they can relax while you both receive a distance treatment together. When the energy in the home is off due to stressors, everyone can be affected. When we notice behavior of our pets changing, it can be in response to our energy. It becomes a cycle that can be helped with reiki to balance the animal, the human family, and the home in general. 

Pricing $50 for approximately 45 minutes for up to 2 animals with contact made before and after the session if you wish. 

Distance Reiki  Healing for You

Holistic medicine is a broad range of medical practices that are based on many years of tradition. With my Reiki Distance Healing treatment, your body and mind will feel free and clear of all worries and stressors that life places upon us. I’m trained in a variety of holistic techniques that will surely help to heal you both mentally and physically.

Services to choose from are Usui Chakra Balancing, or Shamanic Reiki to shed the patterns of the past or to remove cords that run in the family and you need to end the drama. 

I will contact you 10 minutes before your session begins and you simply relax undisturbed in your own home during the treatment. I will follow up with a second call or message immediately following or at a later time if you prefer so you can stay in the energy of the session.

Pricing $50/ 45 minute session including pre and post followup if you wish


Distance Pet Hospice Reiki 

Healing means to find a peaceful state of mind even in the presence of illness. We don't always have the ability to fix. During this time we find the courage to step back and surrender to Spirit. Hospice reiki supports our animals preparing to transition due to illness or age and create a beautiful healing space in the comfort of your own home. Reiki is not limited by space or time and distance sessions are therapeutic without distractions that an in person session my cause. 
Sessions are 45 minutes long and you receive a follow up via email. 

Weekly One on One Doula Companion 

When your pet is nearing the end of their journey here with you, it can be scary and unsettling. Sometimes people don't understand what you're feeling because they consider them 'just a pet'. I do understand. Grief exists no matter the size or how long you've been together. It hurts to lose a hamster often as much as to lose a horse. 

It helps to talk and have a compassionate ear to listen and as a certified companion animal end of life doula,  we can connect as often as you need or as little. I do frequent check ins with you offering guidance, mantras, somatic coaching, mini meditations, breath work, journalling tips, Oracle or Spirit Animal guidance, and more. A beautiful personalized reiki meditation helps you to connect with your pet in Spirit as our bond is never broken.  We connect by a free phone audio app, text, and/or email. It is a safe place for your to vent, share your emotions, or reach out when you need. I will get back in touch with you as soon as I can with priority. Your self care during tough times for your pet is just as important and a happy pet parent is a happy pet. 

Support is one call away. 

One on One End of Life Doula Support


Discounts available for longer terms

Hours 8am-10pm. 

Starry Sky

Shamanic Reiki 

Energy Practitioners believe that every physical ailment has a corresponding imbalance in the spiritual world and the ailments first appear in the energetic realm. Intrusions can enter due to past life traumas or disassociated emotions or thoughts. They can be entities when they have their own consciousness. I ask your guides to intercede on your behalf to heal problems in the energetic realm. Once healing occurs, issues in life may slip away. 

During shamanic reiki, you will enjoy soft drum beats, help identify any blocked areas or attachments and then relax to a ceremony of sealing your healing. Cord cutting to remove 'personal baggage' can be requested and we energetically terminate the connection your soul has with unhealthy past relationships. I shear the luminous cord between you and them and reiki offers inherent protection from that energy going forward. 

Sessions are approximately $80/60 minute sessions and include spirit animal card pull. 

Introduction to Reiki with your Pets

One on one Introduction to Animal Reiki 

Learn what animal reiki is, how it helps animals and how we benefit by practicing it. Learn how to do a session with your pets during the workshop. Your personal virtual workshop will be presented via zoom so that you can learn it from your home with your own pet.You will learn the basics and then we will practice a session together virtually and then discuss what you and your pet experienced.  No previous reiki experience is needed! 

The workshop will be approximately 2 hours.  Workshops are scheduled for nights or weekend hours and we will work together to find a time that works for both of us. 

$59 cost of tuition to learn a beautiful practice that will benefit you a lifetime


Thrilled to be a Top 12!

This was a great year for Mind Over Matter and me personally and professionally. I am so grateful to be included in this list of 11 other amazing spirited women!

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Honored to be a contributing author in the Amazon Bestseller: 365 Soulful Messages

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