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Anxiety, Stress, or Loss Coaching

Emotions are stored in our bodies and the only way to truly heal is to feel by using Somatic Practices to move that energy. Go from grief and anxiety to peace and courage. You are not just your anxiety. Grief doesn't consume you. You also hold happiness and I can help you spend more time with your good parts while learning that sitting with the hard parts can become only uncomfortable instead of unmanageable.

Somatic Coaching keeps you in control of your life and wants. Together we'll set small goals with each session that are possible to meet and will move you forward to escape the grief, anxiety or sadness. Somatic Coaching is excellent for daily stressors, anxiety, and grief from the loss of a loved one, separation, empty nest syndrome, major life changes, divorce, or pet loss. Coaching is different than therapy in that it is possible you will only need a few to several sessions instead of months or years of therapy. All of our work is done on the phone or virtually so you can be comfortable in your own home. 

Each one of you should have the opportunity to heal regardless of income or life situations. I offer sessions at the unheard of price of $40. You will find fees elsewhere in upwards of $200. 
At this time I just want to work with people to get my coaching business off the ground and help people to learn how to regulate their nervous systems. 
I wish I had someone to help me for years. 

I can do this for you. 
No catch. 

Black Dog

The Grief Shelter

You lost your best friend and no one truly understands that you still need more time. 

They can't just be replaced because they are family. 

You may still sense them near you. They come in your dreams. 

You have a harder time catching your breath and some days don't want to get out of bed. 

Grief affects every single part of our body, including our mind and spirit. 

There are biological reasons why you are feeling like you do and that's good news!

This means there are somatic tools you can do to help relieve the grief and make room 

for happiness. 

You won't visit those hurting places in your body alone. 

I will walk along side of you, sitting with the emotions, learning to find other parts of your being

that feel better, and discovering that your grief is no longer unmanageable. 

You will learn so much about yourself, your relationship that you still have with your pet, 

even though they are gone physically, and honor their lives and love. 

60 minute sessions/$40


4 Week Stress & Anxiety Support Coaching for Women

Holistic Assessment, Somatic Coaching for Stress and Anxiety

Meet with me one day a week either in person or virtually for 4 weeks to learn how to regulate your nervous system, feel a sense of safety in your body no matter the situation, understand how to give your nervous system the support it craves, and finally learn expansion to create space in your body for peace and joy. You can learn to widen your window of tolerance for the hard days, understand your nervous system more so you aren't causing more damage and give it what it needs to thrive or rest. 

Week 1:  Holistic Assessment & Mindfulness in Arrival

Week 2:  Find a Felt Sense of Safety

Week 3: Give your Nervous System Support

Week 4: Expansion for Joy and Peace

We will do SIMPLE practices to help you understand that you are not broken and learn to not fear dreaded situations or people. 

One hour weekly sessions for 4 weeks


Aroma Emotion

Aromatherapy is a powerful tool to work with for stress, anxiety and trauma. I can help you learn when your body is in a stress response or a trauma response and how to manage when in either with plant based therapeutic healing. 

Aromatherapy has a direct connection to the brain, is able to cross the blood brain barrier which protects your brain, and eventually flow to all parts of your body. Aromatherapy in combination with simple somatic practices can create a positive shift for you to cope with life's curveballs to handle situations more effectively and with ease. 

Aroma Emotion Sessions are approximately 1 to 1.5 hours. I will help you to have a basic understanding of your stress and trauma responses and help you to create your own custom personal inhaler for anxiety or sleep to take home and use with simple practices to keep your emotions in balance. 

I am a pharmacist and Certified Aromatherapist with a focus on stress, anxiety and trauma. 

With your investment you'll receive a basic understanding of how to be aware of your nervous system's phase, choose from specific plant oils to create a custom blend, and take home your own anxiety or trauma blend inhaler that lasts about 3 to 6 months to use when needed. 

Aroma Emotion Session with Custom Inhaler:


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