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Nature Based Healing Solutions for Trauma, Anxiety, and Life Enrichment

Welcome to this inviting healing space! Come on in. You are safe here.

You belong here if:

  •      You are struggling to navigate a life change such as divorce, empty nest, grief or a move in home or career

  •      You are missing the old you that changed after loss of limb or quality of life due to major illness

  •      You have a hard time coping with stress, anxiety or trauma responses

  •      You want natural healing 

  •      You want better relationships with others and yourself and feel that you don't fit in with many others

  •      You want to learn how to stop the anger and learn to self regulate yourself in stressful or uncomfortable situations

  •      You know that wanting the painful emotions to just go away doesn't work and you need a better way

  •      You are tired of feeling this way and want to be a better version of yourself  

I work with women in all stages of their lives by creating a custom plan for living happier, more carefree, and healthier physically, emotionally and spiritually. I am trauma informed and trained so you can feel comfortable and safe in this space. 

What is it like to work with me?

My sessions are very casual and fun.

My goal is for you to be relaxed, as in Netflix chill mode, cozy with whatever helps you be present and feeling comfortable to share. 

Feel free to have a pet join you, or wrap up in your favorite blanket. 

I create each session organically around what is coming up for you today and what your goals are. 

You never have to talk about the past and you only work on issues that you are ready and willing to.

You will leave a session feeling accomplished and happy and ready to practice yourself. You don't have to worry about bringing up tough things and feeling worse than when we started.  

"If you want to improve the world, start by making people feel safer."

~Stephen Porges

Most professionals in traditional medicine only want to fix what is wrong without looking at the whole person. At Mind Over Matter, we use personal assessments to discover your strengths and what areas need rebalancing so you can become WHOLE in your mind, body, and spirit. My practice is Nature Based Therapy as we ARE nature. We lost that connection with the natural world and by coming back to it, communicating with it, sitting with it, we can return to our best self. 


I am happy to meet you either in person in Northeast Pennsylvania or virtually via video or phone call. I guide Somatic Coaching,  breath work sessions and PMR to cope with stress and anxiety, reiki for you or you and your animals to create a beautiful healing space you can share together, mindfulness coaching, and therapeutic essential oil counseling and with options for aromatherapy reiki sessions. My knowledge as a pharmacist is highly beneficial for you with your medication treatments, any illness you may be facing and recovering from and developing a stress management plan that can help you to feel whole again. Not many practitioners and coaches work with clients on their overall lives by looking at their environment, living situation, any noise or toxic areas that can affect stress, work life, spiritual, physical and emotional lives. We cover it all here. Trauma has a biology that is overlooked by the traditional medical community and that's where the big changes take place! 

You deserve to feel great. Let's make that happen. 

Let us create your safer space and it will become your BRAVE space.

Thrilled to be a Top 12!

This was a great year for Mind Over Matter and me personally and professionally. I am so grateful to be included in this list of 11 other amazing spirited women!

Spirited Woman Top 12 pick list_edited_edited.jpg

Honored to be a contributing author in the Amazon Bestseller: 365 Soulful Messages

Available now on Amazon

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