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Holiday Stress isn't just for the Parents!

December can be so overwhelming for all of us as you know but do you know that your pets can feel it too? Animals communicate energetically. Their sense of smell is in the multiples compared to humans, they mirror our energy, and the stress in the home can exhaust them or even make them sick.

Smell is everything for most pets. So many things are coming into the home. Christmas trees, decorations coming out of storage, boxes and bags from shopping, and holiday guests. Everything comes with a scent or energy. This can really confuse or upset animals and you may see behavior changes. Try to keep activity to a minimum around them if you do notice some issues.

How are you doing this month? If your emotions are running high and your mind is all over the place, your pets can mirror this exact same thing. They don't have the distractions like we do and our energy is mostly what they feel. Even if you are miles from home. Your stress can make them stressed. And we all know how stress is bad for our body and can even lower our immune system. Well, same thing for them. This can turn into an ugly cycle where your stress upsets the animals and then we notice them acting differently or sick and then we get upset over that. You get the idea.

So, what can you do?

Again, if you see your pet really scared of upset, try to keep them in a separate area away from visitors or louder people and children. Same for when you are trimming the tree and a lot of decor can be unsafe for them anyway. The most important thing I find that you can do for both of you is to make quiet time to be with your pet. No tv, no cell phone. Just BE with them. Allow them to join you in a meditation before bed. They love this! Create a beautiful and calm space of compassion around you in your meditation and mentally invite them in. See your heart space connect with them in love and light. At the end of the meditation, thank them for sharing the space with you. Try to spend at least 10 minutes a day in meditation or non-distracting time with them to keep them calm and healthy.

Silent night for all.

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