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I am not a doctor...and don't play one on tv either

How do you treat illness? I read today that some shamans feel that a diagnosis is nothing more than a curse and we have the power to not accept the curse. As a pharmacist who also practices Eastern healing modalities, I believe in this work and have witnessed myself and others heal. We also have to ask ourselves to define healing. We don't always have the ability to cure or fix but we do always have the ability to heal and become whole. That is true healing. Our goal is to be able to find a peaceful state of mind even in the presence of illness or chaos. When we become whole in peace, physical wellness can begin.

So what about my job as a pharmacist? You may ask if I am fixing or curing as a byproduct of my work. Sometimes a medication can fix a problem but more often than not, it is simply to mask the symptoms of a disorder or dis-ease. Sometimes they cause other problems but we call them side effects. We can treat a problem over and over but until we get to the root of the problem, it will return.

As a reiki practitioner and mind/body therapist, if I treat illness, I play doctor which is working with Western medicine models. Instead of treating illness as an energy healer, I eliminate imprints, illuminate the field with higher vibrational light, health is reorganized in the body, and disease often goes away as the byproduct. I focus on balancing your entire body, mind, and spirit. During a reiki session, I never focus on the diagnosis or problem area but I upgrade you entire energy field. I guide you into a peaceful place after which your brain will start to release the healing hormones your body needs to regain balance and harmony. A little bit of magic mixed with a little bit of science and you start your wellness journey.

As we start 2021, I have hopes to return to in-person sessions as soon as it is safe but I always offer distance healing and virtual guidance which is often more powerful.

To stay in touch and be the first to know about classes, new services and returning to in person sessions, spirit animal guidance, mindfulness techniques, and news from the rescue, sanctuary and animal kingdom, visit my website at and sign up for my newsletter Mind Matters.

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