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I'm a lover, not a fighter...a session with Disco

During a recent visit to my local animal sanctuary to volunteer reiki, I met a tiny little being who I can't let go from my thoughts and even my dream last night. In just a few minutes he was able to crawl deep in my heart and give me the passion to keep finding ways to heal by listening to their lessons.

I met several small animals that day but Disco may have been the smallest. He probably can fit in my palm but means the world to me. My first impression of him was that he was a small little rooster and not as big and fancy as the others. His tail wasn't tall and proud and his beak was broken. His foot has a funny little crook in it that, I hate to say it, reminds me of elderly arthritic human hands. I remember thinking that this little guy looks like he was in a bar fight. Well, that's my humor for you but I wasn't far off. I learned after I left that beautiful, tiny, innocent Disco was rescued from the horrors of cockfighting and I'm thinking he survived one or two rounds.

During my session with him, a Prince tune played in their coop on a radio that I imagine someone left to keep them company. I sat on the cold ground next to a pile of hay. I focused on my breath for a few minutes and let my attention go to my energy centers and the curious little fellow who stood before me on those arthritic looking feet. The further inside I placed my awareness, the closer little Disco came to me. Soon, I was deep in meditation and while hearing the wind whipping against the plastic covering the wire enclosure and banging from things getting blown over, I forgot anyone else existed on this planet. I was one with the earth and all things in it yet I was nobody. No ego, no judgements, no worries. All was well in that moment.

Disco came within a foot of me. He seemed to look me over, tilt his head with curiosity, and then relaxed. Sometimes his eyes stared at the ground. Sometimes they looked me deep into my soul. I felt a strong pull to place my hands over his tiny beat up body. I moved very slowly with my hand to the side of him. He lifted up his head to see where I was going with this but then let me place my hand gently right on his soft feathered side. I felt almost undetectable shivers as if he were cold. His eyes looked at my arm but I can feel him relax. We stayed like this for several minutes as I mentally told him he is beautiful and he matters so much and he is safe. I told him he is loved.

Disco was very relaxed after the session and enjoyed when I ran my finger down the top of his head and across his body. I'm not sure he ever felt love or kindness before the sanctuary. I will make sure he doesn't go without again.

Lessons come easily from the animal kingdom and they are even louder when they come from tiny but mighty beings who have been saved from bad places and humans. Disco taught me to never give up hope and no matter how small and humble we are on the earth, and no matter how many scars and imperfections we may have, we are beautiful and worth fighting for.

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