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Put Your Teachers in the Fire

All transitions in our lives really need ritual for us to move ahead, otherwise our minds may still be working as if we never changed. At times we do honor or celebrate change. Weddings, funeral, and baby showers all help us to recognize new chapters. Many even host divorce ceremonies to mark the end of that stage and I think they're very helpful to accept and begin a new time period. Ceremonies are a perfect resource for feeling unstuck and also finding our courage.

I thought about this recently as I am planning upcoming animal reiki classes and workshops after the long pandemic hiatus. I am as much excited as I am nervous about my confidence to remember how to lead people to a peaceful healing while guiding them to a new practice with animals in their spiritual discovery. My inner critic is trying to tell me that I am in over my head with some events while the rest of myself tries to silence those thoughts.

Will I ever stop feeling like the inept student compared to my teachers and mentors? My solution was a Shamanic Fire Ceremony. Ceremonies help with rapid changes while honoring a part of us that we must let go, such as my negative inner critic. I know that part of me has always just been protecting me but it is time to release that being who holds the feelings and thoughts that hold me back.

We must not confuse the teacher with the teachings so that we can become this teaching and not live in the shadow of our wonderful teachers. The teacher will always keep us in a student/teacher relationship if we allow it and are afraid to step into the fullness of the wisdom of the teachings.

I chose my animal reiki teacher Kathleen Prasad and the Animal Kingdom. I choose to see myself on a level with Kathleen and accept all the knowledge I have gained from her over the years and yes, will continue to listen and learn from her. The difference is that I am choosing to also see myself as confident, capable, and inspiring and visualized myself owning this role and the energy that filled me was all positive. And though I see every species of animal as being the teachers while healing, I too can step into the humbleness of being equal with them. We serve each other in presence so therefore, I honor them as I place them in the fire next to Kathleen.

During the Fire Ceremony, I held the stick called a "death arrow" in my heart space for a moment and then brought it near my lips. I gently blew breath onto the stick over every surface while saying the names of my teachers Kathleen and the Animal Kingdom. Breathing my thoughts onto the stick creates the intention and then placing the intention filled stick onto the flames creates the ritual. Gently I placed the palms of my hands over the flame and moved that energy up to my crown, my third eye and down to my heart. I was open to receive all the wisdom for my Soul, my vision, and my heart so that I can step out of the shadow and into my own. I acknowledged my teachers, I honored my teachers, and I became the teacher.

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