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Reiki for Mattie

I am so honored to be able to create a serene healing space when an animal is struggling. Of all the healing modalities that I have trained in over the years, reiki is one of the best ways to offer support. And one of the simplest.

Mattie is a 14 year old blind sheep who is currently suffering with some painful hoof issues and also a skin condition. He is unstable on his feet right now and has to be separated from the others in the barn for safety. Sheep love the company of others and this can make healing harder when they are alone so volunteers and staff have been spending time with Mattie during this time. The sheep call out to each other and some have peeked over the top of the wall to try to visit with him. I am sure this comforts him but can make it challenging as well.

On a recent Sunday afternoon I spent close to an hour with Mattie, simply by being. Animals can feel our energy so if we are sad or worried over them, they know it. This can really affect them and I have seen animals walk away from people who were talking emotionally about an animal and all their struggles. Knowing this helps us to realize that our peace is contagious as well. Without having a need to touch them or do anything, we can support others by simply being with them with a positive attitude. As I sat in the hay with Mattie, I imagined his pure and perfect essence. A soul filled with awe and gratitude for being rescued and safe at the sanctuary. I saw a soul who was kind gentle with children who visited him over the years. I saw a soul who was a wonderful companion to the other animals he lives with. I saw a soul who wasn't anxious or fearful of his physical problems and who lived in the moment. I saw his heart lighting up the entire sanctuary and being a blessing to all who meet him. I saw a teacher and healer in him. Before leaving the barn, I thanked Mattie for all his lessons and guidance on holding the space with me.

During the session Mattie was able to stand up and he spent most of the time eating contently. He moved around the stall almost constantly as if his feet weren't in all that pain. I saw a light in his eyes and a will to be happy no matter his problems. Animals teach us the true meaning of healing. It doesn't always mean we are cured but we can find wholeness and peace even when things are not easy and this can help us become resilient and stronger through the storms.

Reiki meditations are something that you can do at home with your pets or even out in nature with wildlife. You can start with just 5 minutes of meditation and build up over time to longer sessions. Some animals will want to move in closer. Some with start to eat or groom. Some may lay down and take a nap as they feel safe. And some may offer you a part of their body for you to lightly touch them. We respect their wishes if they want to be touched. Remember to thank them as living in gratitude can create a beautiful shift in our own state of mind and move us into focusing on abundance instead of what we lack.

Please share healing vibes for Mattie and all who care for him at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary in Dalton, Pennsylvania. It truly is heaven on earth for both animals and people who visit.

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