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Smell your stress away!

As someone who coaches people with stress, anxiety and fear based issues and as someone who also works on myself every day, I understand the challenges. I will tell you that it may not be easy but the more work you put into it, you CAN build up a resilience to life's struggles and survive it easier. I wish I can remove our stressors, but there are definitely ways to help make it better.

When you take a small sniff of an essential oil, the molecules go directly to our olfactory system and into cells of every organ in our bodies. The chemical components all have unique actions that can help us reset our homeostasis, our balance. Some help with calming or stimulating emotions, some help with skin issues, breathing or immunity to fight infections, and some are antiviral. Some can help with trauma to joint by reducing pain. The bottom line is that on some level, even if focusing on a physical issue, essential oils can help us relax and find the calmness that our body needs to repair.

Its been proven that our bodies do incredible healing repair while we are sound asleep. We need that downtime to stop thinking, slow our breath, stop our fight or flight response, and rest and renew.

As a pharmacist, I know what is in the medications and where they come from. Many actually come from plants but most are synthetic.Many people are turning to natural products for our selves and even our homes and pets. We never start by replacing medicine or traditional healthcare with oils but often doctors find patients need less pain meds, anxiety meds or even less of meds that work on more serious or difficult issues. Aromatherapy is a great way to help you add to your stress management rituals or practices. Nothing is an easy fix and magical cure. When it comes to detoxifying our minds and resetting our sympathetic nervous system that is responsible for all the adrenaline being released into our body, we still need to face that head on. Do the work but adding aromatherapy can make it so much easier for you to find that peace inside.

I recommend that you learn for yourself what oils will work for you and the proper way to use them. A Clinical Aromatherapist can help you find the right formulations specifically for you by going over your issues, your goals, your medical history, and even your likes and dislikes when it comes to scents. An aromatherapist can create products that deliver the benefits most effectively such as inhalers, topical body butter blends, steam inhalation, etc.

You can find an aromatherapist locally or online and take the time to work with them for a consultation.

Essential oils is science. It is chemistry. It is healing.

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