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Was your favorite teacher a dog, cat or even a pig?

As we end 2019, I hope that you all had a wonderful year with your pets, or those you care for at a shelter or sanctuary, those you walk or pet sit, those you nurse at your vet hospitals, and those you honor and respect in your backyards and nature. We can sit and reflect on our friends we had to say goodbye to and thank them for their loyalty, friendship and lessons.

I have learned so much from the animal kingdom this past year. When we learn to be still, the lessons are clearer. I always knew I was being shown love from my pets when I didn't find it elsewhere, but this year really was 12 full months of teachings from many species of animals.

I was shown acceptance from two male ducks who found each other and formed an inseparable bond. Humans often belittle people who are different then they are but animals accept us and each other. I was shown trust by a formerly abused dog who was so terrified of people, many didn't think he'd ever be adoptable. He was. I was shown persistence by a dog who lay on his deathbed for weeks in critical care while his eyes showed he still had a fight to live. I was showed gratitude by a chicken who came to me for help. I was shown how to adapt and find joy by a blind horse who felt my energy, came to me, and then frolicked in the sunshine. The stories are many and expand in number the more I listen.

Tell me about a lesson you learned from a pet, shelter or wild animal and the impact it had on you. Share how it helped you to heal or find peace in your heart. Reflect on them with a smile and thank them in gratitude as we welcome in a new year of new possibilities.

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