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Hinoki Forest Bathing Blend

Hinoki Forest Bathing Blend

I have sourced the medicine of the Japanese healing forests!

For decades, the physical and emotional effects of spending time in the forests of Japan, Korea and Finland have been documented. After a casual 2 hour walk in those woods, stress and anxiety melt away with a drop in cortisol and blood pressure. NK cells, Natural cancer killer cells, got a huge 40 percent boost. Immunity IGA levels raised 20 to 40 percent. Heart variability improved and sleep issues dissolved. These positive effects lasted 10 to 14 days after each walk. Dr. Qing Li of Tokyo researched to see if the monoterpenes found in essential oils that are in those trees would provide similar healing properties if diffused into a room and they did! He uses it nightly now for himself. The primary tree found in those forests are the Japanese Hinoki Cypress.

I have very limited quantities of this blend. It contains this precious Hinoki oil along with Cedarwood, Geranium, Juniper berry, Clary sage, and Mandarin. You can diffuse it in your home or put a few drops in a plain lotion. Relax and take a walk in the forest.

Price includes product and shipping. 

  • Return policy

    Unfortunately due to the care and delicacy of my products, I can not accept returns but please let me know if there is any problems. I care about your happiness with your choices and trust in me. 

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